Celebrate the Lunar New Year with lunch at a restaurant in London’s Chinatown, hosted by an expert in Chinese Culture. Enjoy a delicious family-style menu featuring a variety of Chinese dishes, make new friends and learn more about Chinese culture and etiquette. Our Host – Iris Cai – will discuss:
  • The Year of the Rat: What it means for the year ahead
  • Social Etiquettes: Food and table manners and doing business in China
  • Fengshui – the art of placement
Registration:   Members: £15pp (Apply Member Code at Check-out)  Non-Members: £35pp Special Offer 1-year Membership + event ticket: £50 (Please select add-on upon check out) HOST: HONGBING (IRIS) CAI FRSA Iris is a China specialist and founder of Positively Speaking. She is a frequent media commentator on East-West cultural matters. Since 2009, she has been a lecturer on ‘Business in Chinese- Chinese language, culture and doing business in China’ at the London Business School. The course uses a combination of language, culture, as well as ancient wisdom together with first hand experience of doing business in China to provide insights and practical applications into conducting business with Chinese people. Awards and Media Appearances: Iris has been featured in programs of ‘On the Money’ on BBC Radio 5 LIVE discussing about Chinese business culture and doing business in China. Iris has been invited to attend the Queen’s Garden Party in Buckingham Palace in recognition of her effort of enterprise promotion and public service. She is a past recipient of the Mu-Lan Achievements Award, celebrating Chinese women’s achievements in the UK to honour her contribution to cultural bridge-building.

Lunar New Year Lunch & Culture Talk

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