Traditional leadership styles are increasingly unfit for purpose as business change becomes exponential rather than incremental. New methods and processes of leadership, are required to succeed in the volatile, global market, to be suitable for a changing society, and for our youngest employees – our Generation Y.

Adam Kingl MBA2004 author of Next Generation Leadership (HarperCollins, published February 2020) explores ways in which this generation – who have different views about work, management and leadership – could transform our world of work when they assume the C-suite. This event will explore:

• The evolution of leadership to be fit for our age

• Developing a future-focused leadership philosophy based on new research into Generation Y

• Providing early, rich, different and cost-effective learning experiences to develop future leaders

SPEAKER: Adam Kingl

Adam is an author, keynote speaker and educator. His subjects are leadership, culture, purpose, team dynamics, future of work, creativity, strategic innovation, management innovation, and the generational paradigms of work, careers and leadership. This last topic is the subject of his book. Next Generation Leadership.

Adam was the Regional Managing Director, Europe, for Duke Corporate Education and the Executive Director of Thought Leadership for London Business School (LBS) Executive Education. He also served on the School’s Executive Education Board. Prior to this role, Adam was Executive Director of Learning Solutions at LBS. Before joining the executive team, Adam was a Programme Director for Open and Custom Executive Education.

He was an Associate of the Management Innovation eXchange and of Saatchi & Saatchi for and served on the steering committee for the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

Adam has taught courses to globally renowned organisations such as: Anglo American, BBC, and Disney. He has spoken at public conferences including: The Global Leadership Summit, FT-Coca Cola Enterprises Future of Sustainability Summit and TiE – the global entrepreneurs’ network. And he contributes as a writer and interviewee to publications such as: The Financial Times, Sunday Times, Forbes, Fortune and The Guardian.

Adam holds degrees from London Business School, UCLA and Yale. He was raised in Silicon Valley, California, and now lives in Surrey. He is a dual British-American citizen.

LBS Insight Series: The evolution of work, management & leadership – What we can learn from Generation Y

Tue, Mar 24, 2020, 6:30 pm - 8:45 pm

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