H.R. Higgins warmly invites you for a very special coffee tasting evening at their prestigious Mayfair shop.  Meet the the son and grandson of the founder and alumni from Wharton, Columbia, and other professional networks.  

Tony and David Higgins, the son and grandson of the founder, will guide you through the incredible world of coffee.

  • Find your own personal coffee taste by learning the different elements to tasting so you can choose the perfect blend for you.
  • Taste hand-picked favourites from their simple origin range, with each one demonstrating the beautiful nuances that this incredible product has to offer.
  • Explore the whole coffee growing process from harvesting at origin, choosing the right varietals, the art of roasting and how to correctly taste.
At the end of the evening, you will be presented with your own special bag of coffee to take home with you.

About HR Higgins

The story of H.R. Higgins began when Harold Higgins (Coffee-man) was apprenticed to learn the coffee and tea trades in the early 1900’s. He lived-in with the other apprentices, and before being allowed anywhere near a customer had to become competent in many skills. So he came to learn about coffee and tea. One of his duties was to clear away the tasting bowls after the accredited tasters had gone to lunch. Before doing this, he and some of his colleagues tasted and discussed the merits of some of the various flavours, this beginning a lifelong interest, with a desire to create a specialist business of his own, a business centered on coffee. In 1942, Harold started his own company to help supply coffee to the businesses and individuals of London during World War Two. Over the course of the last 75 years and through 3 generations, H.R. Higgins has embarked on an extraordinary world of discovery. 6.30pm – Arrival Drink (coffee cocktail) 7.00pm – Coffee Tasting 8.00pm – Social 8.30 pm – Closing


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H.R. Higgins Coffee Masterclass

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